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There were some great (and terrible) teachers in Miles City when I was growing up, but one thing that stands out as being really special were the guests that showed up to perform at the assemblies at + 469 more characters
I am most intrigued by these Ron Paul guys. I travel all over the place and see signs and billboards everywhere, but where does Ron Paul sit on the National polls? Yep, he doesn't even make the scene, + 2006 more characters
I do hope and pray that you will feel better in order to finish all the things you want to get done and then some new projects you haven't yet imagined. We really look forward to your contributions to + 149 more characters
Cory and Jeff: You guys certainly were (and likely still are) full of personality. When I think back, I still crack-up about some of your childhood antics. I remember when Cory went through his Dukes + 1184 more characters
This may be a bit of an understatement, but I would say that both Cory "the cutnut" Cutting and Jeff "new-butt" Newby were colorful characters of Miles City's past.
Anybody remember sliding down the hills of Pumping Plant Park on cardboard--or better yet, taking art classes in the backrooms of the Gallery during summer vacation as a kid?
The famous Miles City Mynah bird (if it is the same one) was named Joe, and he was given to my Grandma Myrtle "Giggy" Johnson circa 1978. He sang the words "I like Miles City" and would often ask you + 362 more characters
When I was a kid, it was really, really loud at night during the annual Bucking Horse Sale. I used to go out in the morning and ride around town on my bicycle collecting unopened beer cans left in peo + 1438 more characters
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