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The main reason for the 14th was to settle once and for all the question of citizenship for the freed slaves after the civil war--born on US soil and subject to it's jurisdiction. Anchor babies and b + 310 more characters
Hello Gunnar My case in point. In no way would I want Google to restrict your right to voice your opinion here or to have them restrict mine. I am angry that they would move to restrict our 2nd amendm + 19 more characters
Hello Bob Firearms also have alternative uses. Same can be said for cars and airplanes which can also be purposely used to harm people. I'm not much into name calling, so --no I don't think that about + 307 more characters
I like this site and have found it to e a useful tool over the years, and it is an asset to the community. To be able to buy and sell firearms is legal and protected by our constitution and I appreci + 361 more characters
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