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Tucker, it will be nice to have you back in town. Welcome home!
My Straight Talk phone loses it's signal just north of Miles City. It's good in Jordan, but forget about most areas around Ft. Peck Reservoir. Just about everywhere else it works okay. I very rarely h + 935 more characters
My thoughts and prayers are with you.
OK all you Packers fans, several years ago my nephew gave me a 1997 Reebok Super Bowl jacket. Now, this coat has been worn, and baby, it's warm! It is black wool with leather sleeves and beautiful emb + 727 more characters
Thanks so much luvslife and howdy. Their loss has left such a big hole in my heart and there isn't a day I don't cry from missing them. It is even too soon to think about all the fun times we had fish + 704 more characters
I just wish people would chose not to own a pet unless they can provide proper shelter, food, medical care and a permanent way of IDing them. Not just that, but the desire to provide them with plenty + 1056 more characters
I was saying thanks just yesterday, but it can never be often enough. This is the first place I come every morning. You're the greatest, Larry!
I am about the same age as you, Amorette. Last year when I started traveling back and forth to California for cancer care, they were having a whooping cough out break. I checked into it, and yes, foun + 72 more characters
We understand, and thanks again for all you do!
I think that is the building the 519 is in now, but I could be very wrong.
All I was trying to express was my happiness for you and your family at the wonderful outcome of what could have been a heartbreaking experience. I literally cried tears of joy when I read your post. + 30 more characters
I am crying tears of joy.
Leann, Since the Walmart team kind of fizzled out, I would love to be on your team. I wasn't even able to make it this year due to my treatment schedule, and have no idea what kind of treatment I coul + 594 more characters
If you don't have an owner's manual, look for one on the internet. Go to the troubleshooting section and see if you can find some help there.
Stacie, if you search Red Tide on YouTube there are a bunch more videos of it. There is even one of a guy surfing in it.
Red Tide 12 years ago
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Drove over to the beach a couple nights ago to see this. Beautiful electric blue waves. url
I have found the traps to be pretty successful when hung outside. Don't bother with the bait enclosed in the package for this time of year. This is when they really go for fruit and I have found orang + 252 more characters
In California they have a much better selection of phones than they do if you tell them you are going to use it in Miles City. Not fair!
I'm not understanding this. What is the reason she is not getting the Doxil? Is it because the manufacturer will not ship it anywhere in the US, or is it now illegal to use it here? I had two rounds o + 1215 more characters
On Sarpy Creek by Ira Stephens Nelson. Gunnar, I read Then Tontine 25 years ago at my mom's insistence. Wish I could remember it. I've read so many books in my lifetime I have a hard time telling them + 11 more characters
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