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I agree with Cynthia A. Breakforth Bible Church is family based, non-denomonitalchurch.
My brother Bob Phalen wrestled in the later 1965-1969, Also, Mike Etchemendy might now some info.
What number do you callin to bid on.
I voted Sharla! Go make us proud
Prayers your way for Dustin! God can do mighty things to them that believe.
Bill, Was an honest good man, a no truer "Cowboy". His legacy will live on. My deepest sympathies.
Oh my goodness, I know him and his family. My condolences to Darlene, Jase and Jenna. May god be with them during this tragic time.
Whos the ref? Whathappened?
We had a true Albino Deer out here by our place a few years back. We saw him last Thanksgiving (08) but never saw him again. I have a picture. I suppose I should post it as well. But its not on this c + 8 more characters
Does anyone know what is going in across from WalMart? Curious minds wants to know.
I totally agree with Janel and the car that was rude. I for one was in the parade on horseback and had a horse (not mine) stop while going down mainstreet to relieve himself. While it is embarassing f + 451 more characters
This will leave a BIG void in our town. I pray the business owners will be able to rebuild Main Street. This is just devasting. I appreciate all the pictures as I am out of Miles City.
Levi, What a wonderful tribute to you dad and our friend and neighbor. I just ordered some books to send to mom and dad in arizona. Thanks to all that helped put this book together.
Jace, Just know that we are a community united to help not only your family but also Catherine's. Take Care
Please pray for the families. I personally know each of them and they are all good people. Give them all time to grieve and support from their family.
Lets all be here to cheer the girls on to #1.
Congradulations cowboys on the blowout
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