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Paul Armstrong passed away quite a few years back.
I had the same thing happen to me...only red chapstick. It got all over everything. I ended up taking the "good" shirts to the cleaners and they got it all out!
Contact Mila Baker. She runs the studio. I think classes start at age 3. They were $30. per month this past year. Also, she usually runs some summer camps at the studio.
I could be wromg, but i think that up to age 7 is t-ball, and i think they can start as early as 4 yeasr old for that. Then at age 8 they play machine pitch. I'm not sure if that is an age 8-10 group, + 11 more characters
No one if we can't locate some of these people. Class of 89...try and get the word out. Class Reunion next July!!! Make sure to register at's free. Let us know what you are doing + 29 more characters
you might want to re-check the date of the game...the 26th falls on a Friday. So is it the 27th? Or is it this Saturday the 20th??
I am interested in the swimming lessons for my kids. Do you have any more information, or know where I can contact the Bartholomew kids? Will there be an ad in the paper, or should we just contact th + 16 more characters
I would check the local library. I think they keep copies of yearbooks.
There is a Pumpkin Patch in town. Thay have great pumpkins and you get to pick them right off the vine. If you time it right they may even throw a watermelon with the catapult. My kids love that part + 231 more characters
Any news on who will be running the Police Dept.??
I wanted to thank Shu for starting this thread. Some of those names I haven't heard for a long time...since I went to Sacred Heart also, I do remember a lot of them. The Bonine's and the Christophers + 5 more characters
What about the Leidholt's... Martha, Leonard, Tillie, Robert, Peggy, Julius, Philip, Edwin, Alma, Eugene, Adolph, Violet, James. They have children too...Robert has eight...all boys. Deane, Dione, Dua + 109 more characters
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