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I went to the Cattle-ac on Sunday night and was surprised to find that the menu was mostly Mexican (from the name 'Cattle', I expected burgers and steaks, which they do have). The food was passable bu + 77 more characters
I went to see Dancer in the Dark on Thursday night and I have to say that it is the first film festival film that I have seen that was absolutely awful! The cinematography was amuteur, the plot was od + 130 more characters
Both the salmon in huckleberry glaze and the chicken in phyllo dough sound fabulous. I would love to see more fish and seafood selections. Preparation is so important. Do you have to serve alcohol? I + 354 more characters
I've been to the Judges Chambers many times. I travel to Broadus monthly on business and always enjoy having lunch there. However, they are now closed at lunch time (at least they have been my last se + 312 more characters
I think a gourmet restaraunt will do very well in Miles City. I am in a gourmet cooking group and we love trying new foods from different countries, regions, etc. We often travel to Billings and beyon + 623 more characters
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