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The juvenile correctional facility was rebuilt by the state so get your facts straight. And further more if you have a problem with this town then take your ass back to Florida, its out of state peopl + 181 more characters
DIKE ROAD 12 years ago
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When are they going to open the Dike road again it sure would be nice to be able to go fishing on the rivers once again.
this will happen when pigs fly . just like a town swimming pool that never will break ground. we need more things for our kids to do. and we wonder why kids get into trouble. the community needs to pu + 60 more characters
leave your car at walmart parking lot maybe they will return to their rightful place
i use to enjoy going shopping at walmart but when there are not enough check out lines opened and people are standing in line for 20 to 30 minutes and or trying to find someone to help you with a item + 594 more characters
I heard that Dunning might not have been directly involved, just that he happened to let this Arnold fella stay with him and he is known to be a BIG drug dealer here in Miles City.... If, he wasn't co + 268 more characters
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