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Surely could be. I only know it is really an E because my great grandmother wrote his name in the Gordon book. I have the book in case anyone wants any information from it but I think it is online too + 144 more characters
What misfortune for what sounds like a nice guy and a fun guy. Say, I wonder if Louise C. Smith was Captain Smith rest. owner's daughter.... since he worked there so long it kind of makes some sense + 225 more characters
Cindy, how can I thank you enough for what you have done. This is 40 years later in researching. You are the best... I can now start figuring out who my family is. Maybe even find out who his first wi + 271 more characters
You know, it is interesting to see the bridge there in Miles City. My Great Grandmother, Jessie Bronson lived there. She moved to Ferry, Alaska where there is the same type of bridge over the river to + 175 more characters
Thanks so much for the offer. It is good to know that the book is there and available. I edited this response because my other one seemed ungrateful because of the high cost of the book. Not so, I am + 69 more characters
I sure appreciate your reply. Where can I find this book online? Or, if necessary, I will buy it.. Thanks very very much, Ellie
Bought it. Thank you so much for letting everyone know. I will search for Bronson and Wolfe in it as well as enjoy the history. Ellie
Hi, I am researching my ggrandparents: Harry E. Bronson, Jessie Louise Wolfe and brother George Wolfe. Alfonso B. Wolfe in family lore was a founder of Miles City but I can't find this anywhere. He ma + 466 more characters
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