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Gosh, have you ever got a wonderful menory. I do remember the indian reservation but not with nearly as much detail as you. I certainly remember when you lived just across the back from us and we had + 82 more characters
Who will every forget all the fun we had at the Crossroads? I think it is where I really learned how to dance. I also remenber having alot of fun dancing at Leon Park, but the Crossroads was always a + 491 more characters
Was so glad to see you letter about Haley's Grocery Store. The other one I remember is the Fair Price at the end of our street. We just retired and I am trying to make some contacts with the past and + 61 more characters
It was so sad to read about the death of Coach O'Loughlin. He was a wonderful coach and a very special teacher. I loved his classes because we always laughed so much. He had such a great rapport with + 323 more characters
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