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My grandfather Ole lived at the Hotel Olive for many years. He and his son Roy had an office just off the lobby called Hanson and Son. This would be in the 30's and into the 40's, but later my father + 235 more characters
Thanks, the military view on the escapade is very important. My view is based on a poster view of the 'last stand' which was enhanced by Budweiser that existed in almost every bar I went to in Montana + 173 more characters
Great teaching always stands out. Of course I am referring to the 50's.
While a student in school at Custer Co. High School {52 to 55} I was fed the mythology of Custer’s Last Stand. Miles City, as most of you know, is a bird flight from the actuality of the Little Big Ho + 3651 more characters
The head of the Klan is speaking in Great Falls right now. The traitor in chief is continuing the Big Lie right now on Fox News. the fact checking begins. Montanans need to wake up to this amazing con + 5 more characters
As a Korean War Veteran and ex pat Montana I totally support Sen. Tester against the attacks from Trump. He will have my support and money in the upcoming election. We must fight against the tyrant in + 50 more characters
I have to agree with this. When you see the religious right and you combine the racism that makes up this group, you have to agree.
Throw a black sheet over it. It has no place in Montana.
Good job Dick. My brother is a Trumper, so sad that logic and common sense have gone out the window and bigotry and alternative facts come rushing in. We will survive if we keep up the rebuttal.
I agree with Mary. This is an investigation into possible treason. I think you all will agree this is serious. Russia interfering in our election is a huge issue if the Trump folks colluded with them + 31 more characters
One of my classmates at CCHS. A great friend of my mother, Rhoda. A talented and star who stayed in Miles City, unlike me. His classmates mourn his passing as do I. Did not know he was of Norwegian de + 183 more characters
This has been one of the most revealing threads I have ever read on It kind of represents the great divide that we have in the country over our gun laws, treatment of women, terrorism i + 1073 more characters
Custer Creek was the site of a big passenger train wreck in 1938. The Olympian was traveling west and a gully washer had taken the bridge out. Scores killed, Rhoda Hanson covered the story for the wir + 139 more characters
I was under the impression that "the line" closed in the early 70's. But what I do know is that my mother sold insurance to the ladies for their children. I know that she had tea with one of the madam + 31 more characters
Al is not a racist just really, really wrong and out of touch.
I remember a football coach kicking a football the whole length of the bowl because he was mad at a player, not me. I also learned to play hockey on that ice with the Wright boys who came from Canada + 108 more characters
One of the funniest and revealing satires on the Birther movement by Bill Maher. Worth a visit.
It sounds like Jon Tester is a Montanan I could sit down and drink a cup of coffee with and enjoy it to the fullest. From Democratic Colorado we hope that Montana follows suit this election, the West + 168 more characters
Yes Glendive has always sucked. I remember in the early 60's going to a dance in Glendive and introducing the twist to the locals with my first wife, June Anderson. We were asked to leave the city, wh + 23 more characters
I hope you find Gordon. He was a friend and a great guy. Good luck with your reunion. Ours was a gas. Andy Hanson Class of 1955
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