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Black Friday: Because only in America do people trample others just for a sale exactly one day after they were giving thanks for what they already have.
Second worst PAID probably is more like it, definitely not second worst! State employees haven't had a raise in years. That man needs to get a LIFE.
Love it. Thanks for sharing.
WOW I did read the comments and Buck is right! Idiots!
The high school doesn't offer hot lunches AT THE HIGH SCHOOL. Don't blame any kid who won't go over to the elementary school to eat. It WOULD be embarrassing and frankly, the kids would probably rathe + 526 more characters
I like what Gary Johnson had to say also! People need to start listening!
HaHaHaHa! Seriously though...anybody have an answer??
Well, Richard's comment is my point! Isn't there a program that helps kids eat healthy? One run by the U.S. Government? Hot dogs, Cokes, and doughnuts probably aren't on that menu too often! However, + 384 more characters
I know...Miles City is the only high school I've ever known not to have a hot lunch program. We had a closed campus also, where you either ate lunch at school or brought your lunch. I'm sure at the ti + 201 more characters
Why doesn't Miles City have a lunch program for the high school? Just wondering...seems like they should offer it for the students.
People say you waste your vote by voting Libertarian. The only wasted vote is a compromised vote and Obama or Romney are compromised votes. I'm not voting for someone because they're slightly better t + 102 more characters
My sister in law said they left school out early today in Rapid City and cancelled it for tomorrow...due to the heat. Probably should add "fan" to each child's school supply list!
AND besides that...I checked. Miles City does not offer helicopter pilot lessons.
Funny how a little anonymity, distance, and not having to show your face can give you all the courage in the world to be rude and treat people so badly. Shame on you. I would bet neither of you two wo + 222 more characters
So what's that supposed to mean? I'm juvenile for caring about my kids? Blah Blah Blah Yeah I hear you.
In my opinion, if you are not concerned about the other 10% as well, then you are a total idiot. Per the post above, it happens. I don't plan on taking any risks. Get it??
Ya but Levi, it is that other 10% that is also a worry.
And me...the other 2%. LOL
Always easy to complain about law enforcement but they are putting their lives on the line every day to protect you. JMO.
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