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Contact National Foundation for Credit Counseling at 800-388-2227 or visit url This is the first place Clark Howard says to check. If you haven't heard of Clark Howard, he is a great resource for all + 47 more characters
url PDF of the proposed changes to the Minnesota EBT program.
Bad pony indeed! We had a bad one, and his name was Frank. Lesson, don't give your pony a boy name...lol
Hmmm...there is one state farther south than mine...
A good teacher shoud have a total command of the subject matter.
I checked drugstore.com for condoms, seems like about 7.50 for 12 to be the average. I google the price for ciggies, seems to be about 5.00 and some change for a package (I don't smoke so I really don + 100 more characters
Maher called Thomas Paine an atheist...and as the article corrected, Paine was a deist. Maher is an apatheist, so what was his point in targeting Paine as an atheist?
Yes, they admitted to me they cheated on the quiz yesterday. I believe them when they told me that was the only day they did so. Also, as embarrassed as I am for the behavior of my mother-in-law and w + 308 more characters
Geography...kiss my globe
I'm not trying to bash football at all. We are admittedly over-protective parents. I get bashed for not allowing them to play football (they really aren't built for it anyway) and allowing them to sur + 305 more characters
We've tried to deter our boys from football, and that's not a very popular move here as we live in a football-oriented area of Northeast Florida. Instead they opted for surfing, another nail-biting fr + 164 more characters
Steve Slater's behavior. Discuss.
We had those nasty b*****s in Iraq. Only we called them camel spiders. They can bite the hell out of you.
That is great news. What do they do to prevent it? We've had many tick bites this summer. No circular rashes or symptoms yet. Our doctor said it can take several weeks before symptoms appear. What is + 20 more characters
vjoan! I'm still lauging. Your remark caused me to snort my morning coffee and my office is still in stiches. Do you write professionally? You should.
Seems like his salary is a little inflated. Our Superintendent makes about 250K but he is also the super of the 21st largest school district in the country (Duval County, FL)
Caution...language...for those with dainty sensitive ears.
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