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Gas is down to $1.51, however Tucker bought gas for $1.30 a gallon with our King Soopers discount. Whoop Whoop!!THANK YOU OBAMA!
Gas in some places around Denver is $1.83 Whoop Whoop! THANKS OBAMA!!
Hal, thanks for your post. In Lakewood, Colorado there is a place for the homeless and hungry to go for food and other assistance. In one day they give out 3,000 lbs of food. Not to mention money for + 213 more characters
Come on people let it go!!!!!!!!
Hi Lynne, I am so glad things are improving at the Food Bank. I hope you have found some volunteers to replace the ones who have left. This is to anyone who has a few hours a day or even one day a we + 302 more characters
I hope the Custer County Food Bank received a lot donations, can someone let us know how it is going??
Thanks Wendy for putting in a good word for the food bank. Each week we have an increase in the number of people who have just lost their jobs and who don't have enough money for the basics. The extra + 738 more characters
Thank you for your interest in helping the Custer County Food Bank. We are in desperate need of meat. Our freezers are empty. We can use beef, chicken and pork. Packaged chicken breasts, thighs, wings + 634 more characters
The Custer County Food Bank is in dire need of meat. The freezers are empty. Miles City is feeding more and more households every week. This is the first of the month and we will be overwhelmed with c + 50 more characters
As of yesterday we gave out our last pound of hamburger and and whole chickens. We have some deer burger left. The Custer County Food Bank is in desperate need of meat. The need is great in Miles City + 446 more characters
The Custer County Food Bank would like to thank all the kind people in Miles City who have donated money and food items to the food bank. Our biggest contributors are Wal-Mart, Albertsons, Town Pump o + 1710 more characters
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