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"The church of salvation in federal spending. . ." - LMAO
Only for those who can handle the truth. No weak minds allowed. url
Most people are liberal until it comes time to make a decision that adversely affects their own financial picture, whereupon they instantly gravitate to the right. Liberals think liberalism is fine fo + 256 more characters
There is an excellent column in the Time by David Brooks "Who is James Johnson", that takes a synopsis of a superbly written book "Reckless Endangerment", the truth about the Fannie Mae scandal, unvar + 536 more characters
There's a motel next to the truck stop at the Baker Interchange, at least there was the last time I was in Miles City. The girls could stay there while passing through. Miles City is too small I would + 98 more characters
And anyone named Buck would be ignorant enough to swallow anything Osambo says.
Spoken like a true communist.
Because that is how Dems always get the gullible to vote for them. Fueling class resentments by pitting one hated group against another. Your typical dem couldn't give a crap less about themselves get + 97 more characters
I have been away for a while, but wasn't the complex, at least part of it named after Roy Slusher? Whatever happened to his legacy?
"He who shall, shall also he who?" ~ND proverb
My wife works in management of a nationally recognized hospital heading up the insurance billing function. I feel somewhat qualified to speak on the subject. The great neurotic disconnect in the whole + 2161 more characters
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