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I work in the Clerk and Recorder's office. If a resident is not registered, they can come to the Courthouse between 7:00 AM and 8:00 PM to register and vote. Polling place hours for Washington School + 496 more characters
I work in the Clerk and Recorder's office and the Economic Development Ballot Issue was on the Federal Primary Ballot in June. The ballot issue passed and is not on the ballot for the Federal General + 139 more characters
According to the City of Miles City Employee Gross Wages listing as of May 13, 2008, from January 1, 2007 to December 31, 2007 it lists the following gross wages: Leonard Dunning $47,517.77 Todd Mill + 204 more characters
When going to an event that isn't well attended, you might want to think of the other activities that are also going on. This past weekend along with the tournament that you attended there was a track + 238 more characters
"What about some sort of classes at school. Coping type. Speakers and dont give the kids the option of attending. Make them mandatory monthly quarterly whatever... If you ask a depressed child who is + 491 more characters
If you have a question for MR. MAYOR and don't want any other input or comments then send an email to: [email protected]
I'm not in your ward but I have a few questions? Will this go to a vote of the people? or is it just a Council vote? What is the date for this City Council vote? The fire was devastating to the busine + 493 more characters
Contact Donna Kellum, she's one of the people involved.
There's not enough to do is a cop out. This past Friday, in Casper, Wyoming were there are MANY THINGS TO DO, a Sophomore in one of the high schools committed suicide. Most of the time people who comm + 155 more characters
Sister Ruth Steffes. At 75+ years Sister Ruth would walk the full Crop Walk and then work a full shift at the old hospital (which meant walking and standing almost 8 hours and she rarely used the elev + 28 more characters
John Mellencamp, Casper, Wyoming. 1996? 3rd row aisle seat. It rocked!!! Then James Taylor, Bozeman, Two weeks after 9/11. Awesome concert.
Purchased my calendar this afternoon. Excellent job to all those who participated. Thank you for sharing.
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