Heavy snowfall expected throughout Eastern Montana
Published one year ago by The Billings Gazette

Heavy snowfall is expected to once again blanket portions of Central and Eastern Montana beginning Thursday, with up to 8 inches forecast in the Billings area.

Temperatures Wednesday are expected to peak in the low 40s, according to the National Weather Service. That could bring some freezing rain during the evening throughout south-central Montana.

Colder air moving south early Thursday is expected to create snowy conditions throughout the region. Up to a foot of snow is possible north and east of Billings, including in Roundup, Miles City and areas east of Hardin.

The heaviest snowfall is likely to take place Thursday and Thursday night.

Frigid temperatures are expected Thursday night through Saturday. Billings' overnight low heading into Friday is expected to dip to 3 degrees, and temperatures aren't likely to break out of the single digits Friday.

Friday night's low is expected to fall into the negative single digits, with a high of 15 degrees Saturday and an overnight low of 5 degrees.

Extremely cold temperatures are expected through the weekend in northeast Montana. Overnight lows in the negative double digits are expected Thursday and Friday nights in Glasgow. Wind chills could dip as low as minus 30.

A winter storm watch is in effect throughout most of central and eastern Montana from Thursday at 5 a.m. through Friday evening. The advisory also covers northeast Wyoming and extends over ...

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