From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
My dad came to Montana in 1899. Mom, myself, Lorna and Tom came on the train from Keytesville, Mo., in May of 1900. My father came to Arvada, Wyo., with a team and wagon and met us and we drove down Powder River to Mom's brother's ranch, John Broaddus, where we lived that first year.
In 1901 we moved to my dad's homestead on Powder River
where all of our family were raised; Benetta, Rose, Herbert and Louise all were born in Montana. Louise died when she was 19.
In 1910, when I was 15, our dad died and our mother raised the family and I worked and helped mother with this.
I worked for the Cross S, for Bill Waite, the LD and Uncle Henry Daily, for John Miller and Frank Leitner, all at the same time. I would rep for all of them on round-ups of the Ludolph and Powder River Pool until 1920. After that I worked for a fine man, Ray Tarbell, for ten summers until I started brand inspecting.
In 1920 1 was married to Mildred McAllister but I continued to look after my mother's ranch and cattle for about ten years. We lived on my homestead on First Creek. Here we had to haul our water from Powder River in barrels and melt snow in winter.
My sister, Lorna, married Glen Ames in 1936 and Benetta married Glen Yarger. Rose married E. C. (Ted) Wilson. Mildred and I bought our present ranch from Ted's brother, Bert. It was the old upper N Bar at the mouth of Butte Creek, which we still own.
I became a brand inspector for Montana in 1936 and inspected for Montana in Chicago, St. Paul, Billings and Miles City until I retired in 1961, working over 25 years for the State of Montana. My brand is VVV.
We have two fine daughters who live in California and we try to visit them and their families every winter. We live at our home on Pearl Street here in Miles City now.