From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Newman Daily and Rose Daily Wilson
John Daily, son of John and Rosalie Smith Daily, was born in Keytesville, Mo., in 1869. He married Mallie Broaddus.
John and his brother, Henry, came to Montana in 1900, filed homestead claims, built log cabins and sent for their families. John went to meet his wife and children at Arvada, Wyo., in a wagon and traveled these 75 miles to their home. He ranched on the homestead adjoining the Johnnie Broaddus ranch. He helped build the Powderville store in 1903. He branded .
John was accidently killed in 1910. Mrs. Daily continued to live on the ranch after John's death and she proved up on an additional 160 acres. One by one the children married and left home. Mrs. Daily leased the place and moved to Broadus in 1937 and her mother lived with her. Mrs. Daily sold the ranch to H. R. Cook in 1940. In 1962 she came to Miles City to make her home with Newman and Mildred. She is 91, the last of her family of 12.
She considers the happiest days of her life when the children were home and it was always open house at the Dailys. She watched the changes on the ranch, from open range to fenced pastures; log cabins to modern homes; wash tubs, hauling water, out-houses and so on to modern bathrooms, toilet facilities, hot and cold water in the house, wagon trips to plane trips. Wolves are gone as are most of the prairie dogs, coyotes and wild game. There was no income tax and government help. The advancements are wonderful but we miss these early days of the neighbors depending on one another and the close relationship left in the old days. Most of the old time families were materially poor in comparison with today but we were spiritually happy.