From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Newman Daily & Rosalie (Daily) Wilson
Henry Daily, son of John and Rosalie Smith Daily, was born in Keytesville, Mo., in 1860.
He married Katie Broaddus, sister of the Broaddus men who preceded them in the move to Montana. They came in 1900 and they had two children, Henrietta and Bessie, while living in Missouri.
Henry homesteaded a place adjoining the Oscar Broaddus ranch. He worked as a carpenter in the early days and ranched; his brand was .
They had six more children born in Montana, two who died in infancy, twins, Daisy and Pansy, and John and Woodrow.
Henrietta married Claude Skaggs and they ranched on an adjoining homestead. Henrietta passed away at an early age. Claude and the children stayed with the Dailys for some time; then they went to Virginia where they lived until the 1940's when they returned to the old homestead and lived there for several years. Claude moved to a farm near Laurel, Mont.
Bessie attended college at Dillon, Mont., and taught school. She married Julius Quaring and they moved to a farm near Murdo, S.D., then returned to Powder River County and homesteaded on First Creek where they lived until she passed away in the 1930's.
Daisy lived at home until she married Vay Edwards. He worked at different jobs for several years until they purchased a farm at Kinsey where they lived until 1954 when they moved to Washington. Vay was employed by Boeing Aircraft Company until he was forced to retire due to ill health in 1962. At present they are living at Maple Valley, Wash., and Vay is trading in livestock.
Pansy married Charles Hodson. They ranched in the Sonnette area before moving to Palmer, Alaska, where they homesteaded.
John stayed on the ranch and worked with his father until his father passed away. He married Betty Burke and they own and live on the old place. John purchased the Oscar Broaddus place and has the Newman Daily ranch leased.
Woodrow worked at home and on different ranches. He attended high school in Broadus. He passed away at 21.
In 1929 Powder River flooded and washed hogs, milk cows, work horses and a new Ford car into the river. The water was up to the top of the windows of the Henry Daily family house, ruining things. They stayed in Mrs. Mallie Daily's house until they could move back. They moved and rebuilt the house and barn on higher ground and Henry lived there until his death in 1947. He and Mrs. Daily were members of the Congregational Church in Broadus. Mrs. Daily continued to live there with John and his family until her death, Apr. It. 1964. At intervals she visited her sister Mallie in Broadus and daughter Daisy in Washington and made one trip by plane to visit Pansy in Alaska.