From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Chan Sorenson
The N. P. Sorenson Family, left is the Frank Sorensons and Lee Sorensons, next is the parents and Clara. Behind the parents is the Ernest Sorensons. Right sitting is the E. We. Thomas Family, behind them is Mr. and Mrs. Jack Culbert.
Ernest and Alma Sorenson's Wedding picture.
N. P. Sorenson was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, and came to the United States when he was 16. He lived a short time in Wisconsin and in 1876 pioneered the Dakotas staying in Bismarck and the Black Hills. In 1878 he went to Fort Buford, Wyo., and in the vicinity of that post, he located at the head of the Goose Creek and engaged in trade with the Indians. In 1880 he established his residence in Miles City where he worked as a blacksmith.
Eliza Herrington was born in Indiana. Her parents were born in the state of New York and then moved to Indiana by wagon and oxen. Her father fought in the Civil War and was confined as a Confederate prisoner of war in Libby prison. After the Civil War they journeyed overland by team and wagon from Indiana to Colorado, then to the Black Hills and finally to Miles City in 1880. She married N. P. Sorenson and they had six children; Frank, Ernest, Laura, Grace, Lee and Clara.
Ernest N. Sorenson was born of N. P. and Eliza Sorenson May 24, 1883, and graduated from the public schools of Miles City. He worked as a clerk and bookkeeper for a whole sale and retail concern. He spent 16 years in the cattle and general ranch business in Custer county. He left the ranch and returned to Miles City where he worked at Custer Hardware and in 1926 was elected County Assessor. He served for 23 years. He was a Chancellor of Knights of Pythias. Ernest N. Sorenson was married to Alma Anderson in January 1903. She also was born and raised in Custer county. She was the daughter of Nels M. Anderson who was born in Denmark and was a pioneer settler in Montana. Mrs. Sorenson was a popular factor in the social life of Miles City and was affilated with Pythian Sisters. Marie, their oldest child, graduated from Miles City public schools and married George J. Jackson of Anaconda, Mont. They had one son.
Chauncey W. Sorenson, son of the Ernest Sorensons, was born May 20, 1913, and graduated from Miles City's public schools, attending the University of Montana in Missoula. He went to work for the Midland Coal and Lumber Co., in Miles City in 1935; transferred to Baker in 1936 as a clerk and in 1939 was appointed manager and continued this work until he was transferred to Glendive as manager and superintendent over the yards. In 1961 he was moved to Miles City and he was made President of Midland-Inc. in 1967. He was president of the Montana Retail Lumbermans' Association in 1960 and 1961. Aug. 29, 1937, he married Betty Jane Wight, daughter of a pioneer family from Billings, Mont. Betty Jane is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Frank A. Wight and was graduated from Custer County High School. They have four children.