From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
In 1934 1 found information about the whereabouts of my father. I had a wonderful step-father, but being young and headstrong, I disregarded the wonderful home he provided and took off on my own, to meet my own father. My home was in New York City where I had lived a very quiet life with my mother, grandmother and step-father. I saw very little of my mother, she was an opera star at Carnegie Hall, and I was mainly brought up by two wonderful people, my grandmother and my step﷓father, After leaving home, I traveled over a good part of these United States before landing in Miles City. I found my father was a photographer here. His father James 0. Booen had run a "Trail Studio". This studio traveled a circuit of four states and was quite a curiosity in those days.
Due to some unforseeable difficulties with my father, who had not seen me since I was two months old, I was invited to live with Mr. and Mrs. Bob Johnson and their family. While living there, in spite of being only 14, I enrolled and graduated from Dixon's Business School here in Miles City. In 1936, in December, I returned to New York to try and find my mother. She had remarried and I had lost track of her and my grandmother had passed on. I found her and remained in New York until the fall of 1939.
I had not realized that this wonderful country had gotten such a hold on me and I had to come back. When I returned I lived again with the Johnson's until my marriage to Henry Eldon McGuire on May 6, 1941. Then a new era for me. I moved to a ranch! That was something totally different from anything I had ever experienced in my whole life. This ranch was located 14 miles south of Miles City on the Tongue River. Years later a larger ranch was purchased at Cat Creek, which is about ten miles from Mosby, Mont.
In 1960 our son Eldon Kit joined the Navy and became part of the crew on nuclear submarines. He married Noreen Joyce Marsh and they have two children.