From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Mrs. James McGraw
James McGraw was born Sept. 26, 1887, at Forsyth, Mont. He lived in Montana all his life and homesteaded on Porcupine Creek. His parents ranched on the north side of the Yellowstone River. Jim and his parents ran sheep, cattle and horses.
Mr. McGraw was undersheriff for C. S. Patterson in Rosebud County. In later years he was a caterpillar operator for Rosebud County.
Isabelle Nugent McGraw was born in Punnicky, Sask., Canada,
has two children and Carol Anne Abbott who has one boy and lives, in Miles City. Her husband, Dale, is in the service.
Aug. 22, 1909. She came to the United States and settled in Rosebud County on Oct. 12, 1913, and has lived here ever since.
James McGraw and Isabelle Nugent were married July 7,1927. They had two daughters Barbara Hurley, who lives in Texas and Patricia Kraus who lives in Great Falls, Mont.
Mr. McGraw passed away at the age of 62. Mrs. McGraw maintains her home in Forsyth, Mont.