From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Mrs. Lynn McFarland
Thomas Henry McFarland was born in Belfast, Ireland, in January, 1874. He came to the United States at 16 to work for an uncle in New York state. He married there but lost his wife in childbirth.
Around 1900 Mr. McFarland came to Miles City where he also had relatives. He worked at the County Farm for several years which was managed by Dave Peden. He then went to work hauling coal from the Kircher coal mine east of Miles City. Later he freighted with teams out of Miles City. He raised and sold some of the best draft horses in the country. Some of the stallions came from France.
He was married to Helen Harrington in 1909, daughter of Abe and Mattie Harrington. They started ranching on Tongue River. In 1916 he homesteaded on Beaver Creek. In 1918 while he was working on this place and building a house he was notified that his wife was dying of the flu. He sold the homestead to Clyde Grinstead in the late 20's.
He bought the John Broadus ranch five miles south of Miles City in 1919 and kept it until 1938. He bought another place seven miles south of Miles City which his son, Lynn, still owns.
Three brothers and one sister also settled in the United States. His sister, Susan, a widow lives near Portland, Ore. Bob, Bill and Hugh have all passed away. Tom died in March, 1957.
The children are Lynn who married Anne Gold, and has two children and Pansy Helene Mathews who was raised by an aunt, Mrs. Paul Blum. She is a teacher in Eugene, Ore. and has two children. Another son, James Fisher, was killed at 14 while taking some horses back to the range. His horse fell and James never regained consciousness.