From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
Mr. and Mrs. John Ellis
My father, John Ellis, came to Horton, Mont., from Prince Edward's Island, Canada, about 1888. He married Eliza Turner in 1892. She was from the same locality. Dad railroaded for the Northern Pacific for about ten years. They homesteaded at Horton. After a few years they moved 20 miles south and ran a good sized cattle ranch for about 35 years. He retired and moved to Miles City until his death in 1955.
There were so few settlers where we lived on Graveyard Creek that the family had to move to Hathaway each fall for school. In 1908 another family took up a homestead with enough children to have a school. My father was Road Supervisor of Custer County road from east to west for eight years. Mother and we two girls took care of the crops, cattle and chores in his absence.
I was married to Joseph D. Bell Dec. 20, 1913, at Glendive, Mont. We have two children, Katherine E. and John R., who are now both married. I formerly taught school and have worked in the nursing profession.
My brother-in-law, Rev. Earl Comstock, was a missionary pastor in Custer, Dawon and Rosebud Counties for 25 years. Only deep mud, snow and hail kept him from keeping his appointments. He has retired to Salem, Ore., to be near his two daughters and their families.