From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Roy Alexander
Roy and Clara Alexander
I came to Montana April 15, 1913, and located at Jordan, Mont. My parents, Sam and Elizabeth Alexander homesteaded at Jordan, Mont.
I had my elementary and high school education in Indiana.
I had rights on the railway train service when I enlisted in the Navy in 1918 and was in the service two years. I went back to the train service and stayed with the railroad until 1944. 1 then went back to the ranch where I had worked a great deal of my spare time while on the railroad.
I trailed 1,800 sheep from Jordan to Forsyth in 1930 and back in 1931 by way of the Porcupine Creek. A coyote came in one night and it took us until late the next morning to find him.
In 1937, we made, as I believe, the last long trail made in eastern Montana with about 1,200 head of sheep, from Jordan to Biddle by way of Miles City, Pumpkin Creek and Broadus. In 1937-1938, 1 leased the Biddle Ranch for $1,000 and the Rue family and Charles Scofield put up 200 ton of hay at $2 a ton. Then I moved to the Peas Ranch on the Wyoming line and on to the Miles Brown Ranch. I wintered 1,200 sheep and paid $500 for grass and hay until June, 1939. 1 started trailing north and it took us 82 days to get to Jordan and on over 24 miles to the Wamble Ranch which I leased and put up our own feed. In April, 1940, 1 went back to Jordan, about a 500 mile round trip.
I went to Los Angeles, Calif. and bought in on the Sierra Livestock Commission Company of the Union Stockyards and stayed two months and came back home.
I went to the Olympic games in Melbourne, Australia in 1956. 1 then went on to the games in Rome and around the world taking in about 25 countries. I went back to Australia to study tariffs and imports in the wool business. I attended the Pan American games in Canada and studied more tariffs and imports and devalued money. Canada is using the Alexander Program as I wrote it in 1953. Australia is also using this Program.
I married Clara A. Fuchs Jan. 18, 1933. Clara was a registrered nurse, a graduate of Mitchell, S.D. She put in almost five years on the hospital staff of St. Mary, Rochester, Minn. Clara worked on the staff at the Jordan hospital for over two years out of the 37 years she lived at Jordan.
Clara and I left Sept. 26, 1968 for the Olympic games in Mexico City where this picture was taken on Sept. 29, 1968.
The last 12 years I have traveled to many banks and universities teaching the Alexander Program, "Buy at home, save our industries."
I have a packers stockyard license for buying cattle and sheep. I am registered with Security and Exchange Commission National Association of Security dealers.
My wife and I built a new home in Jordan after selling the sheep in 1949. My wife passed away Feb. 2, 1970. 1 am still maintaining my home here, but in March I left to visit my daughter in Dillon, then on to California, Oregon, and Washington. At Copalis Beach we had a family reunion: Mary with her five, James, his wife and four girls. We rented a 70 foot trailer, enjoyed digging razor clams. I stopped at Monroe, Wash. and visited my sister Alice.
I am commander of the American Legion, President of the Chamber of Commerce, and President of the Garfield Wool Growers Association.
In 1940, we set up the Predator Animal Program. The first year the kill was 2,000 coyotes. From then on, the deer and antelope came back on the range.
Clara and I had three children; Mary Helen who married Joe Rainville, James Edward who married Mary Paradis, and George Charles who passed away.