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Robert Koerner was born in 1910 at Ft. Keogh to Frederick Koerner and Freda Johnson. He spent most of his early years at Ft.Keogh and in Miles City. His father worked at Ft. Keogh as a plumber in 1910 for $900.00 per year. His Uncle, Ben Johnson, lived in the Miles City area with his family.
Robert had two brothers, Carl and Clarence and a sister Blanche. He attended Washington School with the rest of the kids from Fort Keogh by a wagon drawn by two horses called a glass rig. Later they went to school in a Model T Ford bus.
He saw his first picture upstairs in a barracks at Fort Keogh. It was named "The Hour Before Dawn."
In 1923, Fort Keogh closed and the family moved to Fort Robinson, Nebraska. They were there for about 1 ½ years before moving to Fort Riley, Kansas where his dad retired in about 1928. They would travel to Miles City often to visit with old friends that had worked at Fort Keogh. One of these friends was Mrs. Herbert Jones. He liked the daughter of Mrs. Jones, Laura. In 1932 he married Laura in her mother's house. He worked for Miles City Electric from 1934 to 1940. He and another fellow put up the first street light in Miles City. In 1940 he moved to Bremerton, Washington to work in the Naval Shipyards. Laura and their two daughters joined him early in 1941. They moved to Tacoma in 1944 where their last child, Roberta, was born.
Shortly after this, he started working at Mt. Rainier Ordinance Depot by Fort Lewis where he worked until his retirement.
Robert and Laura were divorced in 1952. He lived in the Tacoma area until his death in 1984.
Laura died in November 2000.
They are both buried at Mt. View Cemetery in Tacoma, Washington.