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Delos Moffatt was born in May of 1861 in Wisconsin to William Moffatt and Susan Hill. In the early 1880's, Delos applied for a homestead in Crystal, North Dakota. There he met and married Mary Kelly. She was born in Ontario, Canada to John Kelly and Mary Cooper in 1868. Delos and Mary had 6 or 7 children.
In 1900, Mary moved to her brother`s farm, Robert Kelly, in Glendive, Montana with her six children. During this time, according to family history, three of Mary's children died. Bernard, the eldest, was struck and killed by lightening. Ellen Fern and John Frank died of typhoid fever. John Frank died in Glendive in 1907.
Mary moved with her remaining three children, Edna, Tessie and James Delbert, to Miles City, Montana between 1907 and 1910. Edna married , had three children and disappeared. The three children were adopted out. Tessie married Herbert Leroy Jones in 1910 in Miles City. They had four children, Harold, Laura, Virginia and David. James Delbert, the youngest, served in WWI. In the early 1930's, James married Bertha Oliphant and was killed in an auto accident the same day.
Delos Moffat died in Alberta, Canada in 1912 according to family history.
Mary Moffatt worked for a time at the Jordan Hotel in Glendive as a cook. She then worked as a cook on the old steamboat that traveled down the Yellowstone River carrying supplies. Later she operated a bake shop in Miles City and ran a rooming house. She died in 1924 and is buried in the Custer County Cemetery.