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By Earl W. Kildahl
I was born July 31, 1899, at the ranch home of my parents, Nils and Anna Kildahl, located at Horton, Montana. My sister Ruth and I went to school at Sadie Bottom which was on the north side of the Yellowstone. Our father took us across the river in a boat as long as the weather permitted, and when the river was frozen over we walked across on the ice. As soon as we were able, Ruth and I rowed ourselves - each with one oar. When we finished Sadie school, we went to Billings Polytechnic Institute. While there I took violin lesson, which came in handy for me later on.
On April 12, 1920, I married Edna M. Hodges who had come to Horton as a telegrapher for the Northern Pacific Railroad in 1917. Her parents homesteaded in North Dakota and lived in Garrison for many years.
In 1920 we filed on a homestead on Rough Creek, a tributary to Moon Creek. As soon as we proved up on it, we returned to the home ranch where I was in partnership with my father. It was during this time that my violin lessons paid off- I "fiddled" at dances all over the area for years.
We moved into Miles City when our daughter Donna Rae started high school. After graduation she married Jim Pemberton and they have four children. After retiring in 1956 we began spending our winters in Arizona, returning each spring to our home at 617 South Prairie, which we sold in January, 1969. We bought a home in Mesa where we have made our permanent home. My sister married Harry Lozon and they and their two children made their home in Marianna, Florida.
I am a charter member of the Range Riders, Inc. and Edna has been a member of the Range Riders Reps for many years and served as Secretary for one term.
By Earl W. Kildahl
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