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By Avory Buckner
Anca Bracht was born in Bohemia, a small country in eastern Europe, in 1870. She came to this country, later met and married Emil Bracht, a band leader in the U.S. Army. They had three children, Emil Bracht Jr., born 1888, died 1958. Erna Bracht born 1890, died 1904. Erna and Emil Jr. were born in Ft. Custer, Montana. The third boy, Leon Bracht was born in Ft. Ferman, California in 1894 and died in 1976.
Anca and Mr. Bracht were divorced in 1903. Anca met James Madison Buckner in 1903 and they were married. James Buckner was born in Kentucky in 1842. He went through the Civil War, was married and had three sons. Charles Buckner was born in 1866, died 1925. Lenis Buckner born 1868, date of death unknown. John Buckner born 1870, died 1942.
James and Anca moved to Miles City, Montana in 1904. They bought a house on the corner of 8th and Orr Streets, which still stands, where Avory and Mary were born. James and Anca bought some land at Sadie, Montana, which later was named Calabar and in later years changed to Sheffield, Montana.
Dad built a house there and we lived there during the summer months and moved back to Miles City during the winter months. The land was the north section of Nels Anderson's land.
Avory Madison Buckner was born in Miles City in 1905. Mary was born in 1909. Our mother died of blood poison when Mary was born. Mary was adopted by Mr. and Mrs. A. Gibb, who were our neighbors. I was taken in by the Nelson family who had a ranch two miles east of our place at Sadie Montana.
Selma Jonsson was born in Sweden and came to this country to stay with an Uncle who had a ranch at Cartersville, Montana. There she met and married Olof Nelson Sr. who had a ranch on the Yellowstone River at Sadie Montana, or Sadie Bottom as the land was called. They had three children. Olof Jr. born 1892, died 1972. Rudolph, born 1894, died 1899. Selma born 1895 who is a widow and lives in Riverside, California.
The Buckners and Nelsons became very close friends. When our Mother died the Nelson family took me over. I regarded her as my Mother and Olof and Selma as my brother and sister and I thought the world of them. Mrs. Nelson was very good to me and I had a very good home there.
I went to school at the Paragon School. The school still stands there on the bank of Steiger Creek. I graduated from there and went to Custer County High School in Miles City, Montana. I came out to California in 1923, enlisted in the Army, 30th Infantry, for three years. I stayed in San Francisco for seventeen years. Married in 1929, divorced in 1943, remarried in 1943. Made my home in Riverside, California and was divorced there in 1967. I have two daughters that live there and whom I think the world of. They both have families and my ex-wife lives there also. She has not remarried.
I took up flying and joined the Civil Air Patrol, got my wings and 1st Lieutenant rating, later I became Captain and had command of Riverside Squadron #52. I was with the Patrol eight years. I spent eight years with the Riverside Police Department.
I retired from my own business in 1972 and moved up to central California where I do a lot of fishing.
By Avory Buckner
February, 1983