From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
I was born in Nebraska to Levi L. and Eunice M. (Highley) Crist. I attended the elementary schools in Nebraska. I married Mable May Burdick in 1910 at Arcadia, Neb. I came to Montana in 1914, at the age of 23, with my wife Mable. We had two children, Leslie J. and Loine E. They are both married, and live at Polson, Mont. I have six grandchildren and six great-grandchildren.
I worked for the Powder River Land and Cattle Company at the TN ranch for several years. I took up a homestead in 1918, proved up in 1921. 1 still worked for the TN, doing freighting with horses and trail wagon, driving four to 6 horse teams. The road houses were Big Mike's (top of Government Hill), the Preller Ranch, the Hill Ranch (on Strevell Creek), near Mizpah, Mont., where Mrs. Mary Murphy was postmistress for many years. There was also the John Kimball Post Office, on Powder River.
I carried the mail in the winter time by team from Mizpah to
Powderville, Mont. Bill and Tom Barnard had the Post Office at Powderville. The winters were cold, lots of snow, until after 1919, when they were not too bad.
I sold my homestead to Ed Love in 1935 and bought a ranch near Kinsey in 1936. 1 then bought a truck and went to trucking for the public, with my partner, Taylor Canoy. We did livestock and commercial trucking. I trucked until 1959. 1 bought my first MRC permit through Austin B. Middleton, Railroad Commissioner, Helena, Mont.
I raised sugar beets at Kinsey, Mont., for several years, then sold my ranch to Albert Schmidt in 1960. 1 moved to Ronan, Mont., where I raised cattle until 1968. 1 bought a home in Missoula, after living on a ranch all of my life.
My first wife Mable died. I was married to my second, Margaret K. May, in 1939. She passed on in 1963. 1 now have my third wife. We were married in 1964.
I thank God for the pleasure that I have had, by living in Montana. I am a Charter Member of the Range Riders Inc.