From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Dorothy Crane
I was born Feb. 28, 1910, in Oklahoma to Carroll Jerome and Martha Mildred Taylor. My father and oldest brother came to Montana in the summer of 1912, and located in the Smokey Butte country 12 miles west of Jordan. The next spring he brought the family out to Montana from Oklahoma. There were five children, Ronald V., William "Bill" T. J. Bland, Irene, and myself.
My father was the first Postmaster at Smokey Butte and was appointed field assessor for Dawson County until Garfield County was organized in 1919, at which time he was appointed county assessor and took up residence in Jordan. He remained in this office until the early '30's. He still operated his cattle and sheep ranch and I spent all my summers at the ranch until I was out of high school. I remember one of the most exciting things that happened to me was when my Father gave me a white Indian pony that he bought at the Miles City Roundup in 1915, and a small saddle. I spent most of my time riding the range with my father or brothers whenever they would let me tag along.
In 1924, when I was a freshman in high school at Jordan the silent movies were shown in the high school building. I furnished piano music throughout the picture, which was most interesting as I was supplied with special music for each picture shown. Along with this I belonged to a small orchestra and we played for dances in Jordan and the surrounding country.
It was a grand childhood in this great state of Montana.
I married William B. Crane on July 2, 1939, in Big Timber, Mont. He is a native of Montana, born in Three Forks and raised in the Shields River country north of Livingston. His grandfather, John Scofield O'Rourke, built the Northern Pacific Railroad into Montana to Bozeman. His father, Nelson D. Crane, was a Milwaukee engineer, operating out of Bozeman.