From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Mrs. Ernie Coon
Charlie Coon, Ernie's father, came from Appleton, Wis., in the 70's or 80's and he was in Miles City before the Northern Pacific railroad came through. When the troops brought Sitting Bull and his followers in to the reservation from Canada, Charlie was a teamster on the expedition.
He was a sheepshearer and sheared around over the Pumpkin Creek and Mizpah areas. Charlie was an excellent teamster too. He had a pair of registered Percheron mares that he could back any where he wanted them to go and never touch a line. Also, he was very good with an ax. There is an old house still standing along Pumpkin Creek, near where old Volborg used to be, that he build many years ago.
He passed away while haying near Dillon, Mont., and is buried there.
Etta, Ernie's mother, had two sisters, Julia, (Mrs. Billy Winters) and Ella, (Mrs. Albert Ferriss) both of whom lived in the Ashland area and a brother, George Daniels Sr., who ranched in the Mizpah region.
Her father lived to be 102. He would be going along talking to himself and someone would ask him, "Who are you talking to, Granddad?" He would reply tartly, "Someone that's got some sense. "
Etta loved to camp out and Ernie said that she could cook a meal sitting flat on the ground and never have to get up. Ernie doesn't share her enthusiasm for camping, just suggest a picnic and he says, "I've had all the ants and flies I want to eat".
Etta spent her last years at Dillon, Mont., where she lived in one of the Smith's Cabins.