From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
I arrived in Miles City, Mont., on Nov. 1, 1912, and filed on my homestead in the Cohagen Community on Dec. 12. That winter I worked in Miles City for the Milwaukee Railroad doing construction work for 20c per hour in the round house.
I came out to my homestead in the spring of 1913, built my oneroom "shack" and did the required amount of farm work to qualifiy as a homesteader. Then I got a job as cook in a sheep camp during the lambing season. In July I went back to Minnesota and brought my parents out here.
I was drafted into the World War I Army in August, 1918, and was sent overseas in October. I served in France until April, 1919, then I returned home and started farming and ranching again.
I was married Dec. 14, 1926, to Coralynn Holton, daughter of the late State Senator and Mrs. Albert Holton of Cohagen. We have three sons and one daughter. William married Phyllis Jacobson and lives at Cohagen; Nick married Betty Bloxom and also lives in Cohagen; Hazel married Robert Stabler and they live in Miles City, and Raymond married Sheri Mackin and lives in Miles City. We have 10 grandchildren.
I retired in 1960, leasing the ranch to my youngest son, Ray. For reasons of health he had to give up ranch life so in 1963 1 leased it to my second son, Nick, who is operating it.
I do carpentering and cabinet work since retirement as well as countless odd jobs around the place.