From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Mrs. Earl F. Clark
William Bryan Clark was born to William and Elizabeth Clark, June 30,1896, in Ozark, Mo. He is known as Bryan Clark. He attended school in Missouri.
In 1916 he came to Montana and homesteaded in the Blackfoot country about eight miles from the Missouri River. In those days 50c a day was the going wage. Bryan was never a man to give up once a job was started. He saw it through to the end and made good progress through life. He was in the Army for two years.
Ethel May Loomis was born to Fred and Emma Loomis, Nov. 6, 1904, at Waderman, Mich. They moved from Michigan to Miles City, Mont., in 1912. They then moved to the Blackfoot country in a covered wagon in April or May, 1913, when they homesteaded and Ethel went to a country school. Her uncle and Dad built a log cabin which was their new home. They freighted grain to Miles City and they could travel only 25 miles a day with horses and wagon, this was a long hard day. It was 130 miles one-way trip. The winter of 1916 the snow was awfully deep.
On July 19, 1924, Bryan Clark and Ethel Loomis were married. They lived on the original Fred Loomis homestead at Brusett, Mont. They raised seven children. Mrs. Paul (Nellie) Hopkins lives at Thompson Falls, Mont.; Mrs. Bill (Marie) Strickland lives in Salem, Ida.; Emmett, Alvin and Ralph all ranch at Brusett; Earl ranches at Volborg, Mont., and Mrs. Cecil (Ada) Weeding lives at Jordan.
Around 1956 Bryan and Ethel moved to Missoula, Mont., making this their permanent home. They came down twice a year and Bryan still helps with the farming, driving tractor all day long.
They have 26 grandchildren and 11 great-grandchildren.