From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
Earl Fredrick was born Feb. 4, 1932, To William Bryan and Ethel Clark at the home ranch at Brusett. Earl went to a country school during his grade school years and attended high school in Jordan. After he graduated in 1951 he worked on the ranch and also with the R.E.A., stringing wire as they were just getting electricity to Brusett. In the spring of 1953 he went into the Army and he was stationed in Germany, Austria and France.
I was born Dec. 25, 1938, at Forsyth, Mont., to Gail and Myrtle Webster, who now live in Miles City. When I was quite young we moved to Jordan, where my folks worked for Benny Binion and other ranchers. I attended country school, grades seven through nine, in Jordan. I finished high school after I was married.
I met Earl in the spring of 1955, after he was discharged from the Army and we were married in the fall in Miles City. We lived on his dad's ranch for awhile and then worked for Frank McKeever in 1957. In the spring of 1958 we bought the Lee Davis ranch, 18 miles northwest of Jordan. We lived there until the spring of 1967 when we decided to buy another ranch. We looked at several ranches, finally having decided we liked the country and ranch at Volborg, Mont. We moved to our new home in June, 1967, and we still own the ranch at Jordan.
God has blessed us with four sons, twins Bryan David and Brent Earl; Scott Owen and Lance Clay. The boys drive four miles to a country school, Bryan is a freshman at Miles City this fall.
We are active in 4-H work. I belong to the Custer Forest Homemakers Club and bowl on a team at Broadus.