From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Ross Calvin
The Calvin boys were all born in Mercer County, Penn., sons of William James and Talitha Isabelle Calvin.
Jim arrived in Miles City in 1890 on a cot in a baggage car. He had tuberculosis but soon the Montana climate cured that and he worked in a sawmill, real estate insurance and abstract business in Custer County. In 1904 he purchased the Wibaux Ranch, Wibaux, Mont., and his Brand was W. Jim was killed at the ranch by a horse coming over backwards in 1908. He has two sons living in Sitka, Alaska.
Ross arrived in Miles City in 1898 just as day was breaking. It had snowed about eight inches that night and although the depot was open the only person there was a long-haired sheepherder asleep. He found his way uptown by Fifth street, over the elevated sidewalk.
Ross worked many different ranches in the country, learning the trade and also worked in many different kinds of work and business. He had a policy not to stay at any one thing for more than three years. He ranched at Wibaux, Tusler, Miles City, Rosebud and Calabar; his recorded brand was V4 Quarter Circle. He also homesteaded on the Rosebud Flat. In his life of more than 90 years he has been engaged in many activities.
Carl was born April 4, 1882, and he came to Montana in 1904. At first he ranched with Jim and later operated the Calvin Investment Co. He owned and operated several ranches and at the time of his death July 4, 1964, he ranched at Hathaway on property his family still has. His wife Ermina lives in Billings. They had two girls, Mrs. Dale (Carlene) Leckey, Portland, Ore., and Mrs. Robert (Frances) Hungerford, Billings. The brands used by Carl were W and V-U and he was a charter member of the Range Riders.
Ray, a pharmacist, came to Montana and worked for the Foster Drug Co. Later he joined the Calvin Investment Co. and spent the remainder of his life there. He enjoyed helping young kids with their ball playing. During the war he was at the front with the Medical Corps. His death was on Nov. 5, 1937.
Everett lived in Miles City and went to school here for a time, During the war he worked for the Government and after the war he moved to California and worked as a chemist for oil companies until he retired. Everett died Jan. 8, 1966. He has a daughter in California and two sons in Germany. Ross is now the only one of the five brothers living.