From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
My father, Charles Daly, came to Montana in the year of 1875 and located at Dillon. He came to Miles City in 1880 and located near the head of Little Pumpkin Creek where he went into the stock business for himself, running sheep, white-faced cattle and thoroughbred horses.
On July 26, 1887, he was married to Abigail E. Payette of Miles City. Her father was the Louis Payette Sr., first postmaster of Miles City. Abigail was 11 when she came here with her mother and the rest of the children on a steamboat up the Yellowstone River in June, 1880. Mr. Payette came here before his family in 1876.
Four children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles Daly. In 1929, he sold the ranch to Bill Combs of Terry.
My father made a full-fledged ranch hand out of me during the World War I as help was hard to get. I rode the range alongside of him. In those days we had a community roundup twice a year, which lasted about three weeks, of which I was the representative from our ranch. Being a young girl made no difference with the men I rode with. I was told right at first I was to brand and ear mark our own stock, which I did.
My father sold around a 100 head of horses a year to the U.S., French and English as cavalry horses. He hired a couple of men in the spring and fall to ruff them out, then it was my job to gentle them to show the officers when they came to buy them. I was bighearted with my string of horses. I furnished my neighbors with all the horses they wanted for the roundups and took a string of ten or so along with me to ride. When the roundups were over my horses had been handled enough to show the officers.
I moved from the ranch to Miles City in the spring of 1930. Have made this my home since, being employed at the Miles City Saddlery for several years. On June 1, 1939, 1 was married to Phil Burke and cared for his mother until her passing on.
I had a previous marriage and have two children, Kenny Bartholomew and a daughter, Echo. She is married to Vic Daugaard and they have two children. Kenneth married Katie Murray and they have two boys.
In 1955 I was President of the Range Riders Reps. I designed the Reps pins, The Quarter Circle 3R's in gold. I have been treasurer, Secretary and chairman on many committees and love every minute I spend with this group, helping wherever needed. To me it has been a pleasure and an honor you bestowed upon me. I think of all the Range Riders and Reps as my sincere friends and trust you feel the same toward me. This history we are preserving is very valuable and a tribute to our pioneers.
I love my home here in Miles City with my husband Phil and my many friends of long standing who mean so much to me. Many new acquaintances have been made over the years, too, which I treasure. In other words, I love Montana which has been home to me all my life. Montana has its ups and downs we know, but what state hasn't? Considering all its beautiful points, it outrates them all, you must agree.