From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
My parents, Stinus and Elizabeth Dragseth, homesteaded five miles east of Knowlton. I was born here Mar. 3, 1905,. My folks are both gone. I helped with the ranch work when I was a child.
My dad went to Miles City twice a year for groceries and other supplies. He made the trips with a 4-horse team and wagon. It was 50 miles so the trip took a few days. I remember one time when I went along how frightened the horses became of a train. On the way home at night the coyotes and wolves would howl. We saw herds of wild horses along the way. This was about 1907.
The folks had a small house by the bridge that crossed Locate Creek. We stayed here through the school year. When the cowboys came to town and they got to the bridge, it was customary for them to yell, "Powder River, let her buck". Their horses knew what was expected of them as they raced on into Knowlton. We saw many a good rodeo from our kitchen window.
When I was four years, a neighbor came rushing in to the ranch to get dad and his hired man to fight a prairie fire. Somebody's hired man was careless and tossed a lighted cigarette into the dry grass. It swept real fast up the creek. Later in the afternoon, mother and I climbed the hill by the house to see what was happening. It was about a quarter of a mile away. The cattle and horses in the corral were making a fuss. We would have let them out had it come much closer but they got it out in time.
I went to college at Billings, Dillon and Missoula and became a teacher.
Mark G. Buckley and I were married June 16, 1928, at Miles City, Mont. We had the post office and store at Marion, Mont., and I taught school here for 21 years.
We are not retired.