From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
My parents, Jack and Hazel Criswell, five at Ottumwa, Iowa. They still live there. That is where I was born.
Ross Brooks homesteaded 11 miles north of Powderville in 1915. He rode for the Remount Station at Ft. Keogh in 1917 and 1918. He joined the Marines serving in France and Germany. Ross then returned to our hometown, Ottumwa. We were married at Carthage, Ill., July 30, 1936.
We moved to Montana July of 1937 and settled nine miles north of Powderville on Spring Creek. Our brand was 0/40 on the right hip of cattle and the right thigh of horses.
The women's chores on the ranch usually took in the garden and chickens. Mine included raising bum lambs the sheepman gave us, and herding the turkeys, as they strayed so far eating grasshoppers that the coyotes would get them.
One always has a few outstanding memories in raising a family. Our son, Ron, broke his arm at the age of six and we had to drive 60 miles to get him to a doctor. He took a tumble from the saddle pony as he wrangled the milk cows and calves. Our daughter Nancy, was six months old when it was time to trail cattle to Miles City. It didn't alter our plans at all; we just took her along! The men slept in the leaky barn at Beebe, and we tended camp with the pickup. Another time it hailed on the 4th of July and ruined all our crops and gardens. We made a lot of good ice cream with the hail. Those were the good old days!
Our son Ron, is a Highway Patrolman at Glendive. He married Agnes Naasz. Our daughter, Nancy, who served over two years on an assignment in Africa as a Peace Corps Nurse, is now working as an R.N. in Chalon, France.
We are blessed with a healthy family and five grandchildren.