From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
My father and mother, James Rand and Jennie Booth Rand, came from Utah, where Father was in the mining business, to Montana in 1885, and bought a ranch near Pease Bottom.
As to my own history, there is little to tell. I was born Oct. 31, 1892, at Ranch Etchetah, Pease Bottom.
I attended Forsyth elementary and high schools. I worked at the Post Office and for the local newspaper, The Forsyth Times. I attended college, studying music at Shenandoah College, Va.
After finishing school in Virginia, I was in the dress shop business in Forsyth for several years. During those years I made over 100 buying trips to New York City. I retired from business in 1960.
I made several trips to Alaska and was accompaneid on my first trip by my mother. On my last trip in 1956, I was accompanied by my sister Sylvia. In 1962, I spent two months in Europe.
On Oct. 26, 1966, I married Marvin E. Brooke, at Butte, Mont. For our wedding trip we enjoyed a two-week cruise in the Hawaiian Islands.
We are now living on a large ranch in the mountains, near Pony, Mont. The scenery is just beautiful and reminds me of Alaska.