From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
The Roland Bannister Family
The Oliver Bannister Family. Back row L. to R. Pauline, Margaret, Oliver Bannister Jr. Front row, Oliver Bannister Sr., Roland, Mother Bannister and Consula
I was born in Randolph County, Ill., Aug. 8, 1900. 1 came to Montana with my parents when I was a small boy. My father, Oliver Bannister, settled on Grimes Creek, seven miles north of the Stone Shack Post Office. That is where we got our mail for a number of years.
My mother, Jeannie Wisely Bannister, was born in Washington County, Ill., in September, 1863. She and my father were married in 1892.
I attended the Stone Shack school, Custer County High School and Montana State College.
In 1922 I purchased some holdings on Sixteen Springs in Rosebud County. My father and I, with some hired help, built a house, barn, corrals and fences. That is where I established my ranch, that I operated for many years. We were running cattle and horses at that time. Our brands were X, and X<
I rode with the Lockie pool round-up wagon, the Ingersol wagon and the C B C wagon when they were working in our vicinity.
In 1927 we went into the sheep business. We purchased and leased more range each year, until the drouth in the 1930's which forced us to liquidate most of our livestock.
Peter Coucher, a Frenchman who ran a buck herd near the head of Grimes Creek, developed a salve that he said would cure a goiter. He moved to Miles City where he could get more patients to doctor. I took over the buck herd at that time and ran it for 20 years. It was a business with some cash income.
In 1932 I purchased the Stone Shack shearing pens from the G. B. Pope estate and operated them for 14 years. When the drouth ended, I went into the sheep business again.
In 1946 I sold my ranch and livestock and moved into Miles City. I married Jessie Noble of Kinsey, Mont., and we purchased a home in Miles City. There I went to work for the Miles City Production Credit Association and was employed with them until I retired in 1965.
In 1954, I purchased a home at Kinsey. We lived there for almost 14 years. Our three sons attended the Kinsey school, were in the 4-H Club, the Choir at the Kinsey Association of Christian Churches and other activities.
Bruce is presently serving with the Marine Corps in Vietnam; Brent is a senior at Custer County High School and William (Billy) passed away in October, 1967.
I am retired and presently living in Miles City.