From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
My mother and I came to Miles City in the early 1900's from Detroit, Mich. It was a cold, snowy day when we arrived. Buzz Atcheson met us at the depot with a team and buggy to take us to our new ranch home, which Mr. Herman, my step-father, had built on the banks of the Tongue River, about ten miles south. Mother and my step-father had two other children, Frances Herman Richards, Lavina, Mont., and Gladys Herman Orr, Billings, Mont.
Alvin's father had served under General Miles at Ft. Keogh and then homesteaded south of Miles City. After our marriage, Alvin and I lived on his parents' homestead for two years. We sold out to the Hogg Ranch company and bought another ranch four miles south, which we still own. Our house was not too warm at that time, and when I mopped the kitchen floor in the winter, the water would freeze on the floor before it dried. We saw our cattle freeze to death standing up in the shed, when the temperature was 40 to 60 below zero, with a good wind blowing to make it seem colder.
We had two children. Boyd is still running the ranch and is married to the former Margaret Michaels. They have three sons, May Elizabeth (Betty) is married to Herbert D. Crone. Herb has operated a grocery store in Miles City since 1936 and also served as mayor of our city for 12 consecutive years. They have two children.
Alvin passed away in 1962 and I still reside in Miles City.