From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
I was born Aug. 31, 1900, in North Dakota to Mr. and Mrs. John Hanson. They had homesteaded in Temmer, N. D., but moved to Miles City later. I came to Miles City in 1917 and graduated from business school the next year and worked until I was married.
I married Earl Trafton on Sept. 9, 1920, in Miles City. We bought a small acreage, milked a couple of cows, raised pigs, chickens and a garden to help get started. I was raised on a farm and am a farmer at heart. Earl was an engineer on the Milwaukee but through the depression years we lived off the land. He became ill and passed away Oct. 19, 1951. We had three children. Ralph married Elna Warehinton and lives in Billings; Maxine married Ben Rainey and lives in Miles City; and Earl married Jeanne Haines and lives in Lewistown. The children all graduated from Custer County High School and attended the First Lutheran Chaurch.
On Oct. 16, 1953, 1 was married to Glenn Farnum. Glenn has one son Abner; he and his wife Katie have two children. He sold his ranch to his son but ran cattle for a while. Glenn passed away Jan. 12, 1964. Again I was alone.
On June 28, 1966, 1 married Charles Bircher. He was an old friend and was born and raised in the Pine Hills. He enlisted in World War I when he was 21. When he came back he ranched for some years and then left for Iowa as his mother was from there. There he married and lived; they had two children and seven grandchildren. We went there to live and on Nov. 27, 1969, Charles passed away.
I decided to move back to Montana and live my old years out. I have nine grandchildren, five great-grandchildren and nine stepgrandchildren. Also I have a sister who lives here, Alice Jacobson. They moved here in 1948 and he passed away November, 1969.
I have been a member of the Range Riders Reps for many years and so is my daughter, Maxine Rainey.