From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
By Howard Billing
I was born July 20, 1908, at Miles City, Mont. My parents Reg and Edla Billing homesteaded at Van Norman on the Big Dry Creek. We lived there till I was 14. Then we moved to Wolf Point to get feed for the sheep and lived there for two years. In 1924 we moved back to Big Dry, this is where we kids went to school. I went to high school at Wolf Point.
When I was young, I herded sheep, punched cows and tended camp for sheep herders. The summer of 1924 1 went to work for the N-N Ranch and have been here to the present.
On July 12, 1930, 1 married Teresa Haughian in Miles City. Teresa was born in Miles City Nov. 6, 1906, to Daniel and Susan Quinn Haughian and they lived at Little Sheep Mountain. Her mother is still living. She went to rural school and the Convent in Miles City, also to Custer County High for three years and attended summer school for two sessions and taught school; she substitute teaches now.
We have four children Patricia Ann married Vic Neiffer; Susan Edla is now a nun; Frank is single and Leo married Judy Zeibarth. Both boys live on the home ranch and we live on the ranch also.
We have four grandchildren.