From 'Fanning the Embers', published 1971, Range Rider Reps, Miles City, Montana
My Dad, James Bensley, freighted out into Montana in 1879. My mother came out to Montana from Ortenville, Minn. They were married in about 1890.
I was born here in a small house on 6th Street, which is now Milligan parking lot. Bill Savage lived across the street in a fine brick house.
We homesteaded in 1909 and lived here a few years and sold out. My Dad went to work for the Milwaukee Railroad in 1906, putting in culverts for road beds. We used teams of horses and a scraper. I worked in the Milwaukee store house in 1910, for 20c per hour, ten hours a day, until I went into the Navy in 1917.
I worked in the real estate business until about 1940, then I went back to work for the Milwaukee Railroad. I retired in December, 1961, and have been fishing and hunting for the last 81/2 years.
While living on the ranch our brand was IB for cattle, left side,, and for horses on left hip.
In 1890 my uncle, Harvey L. Bensley, was stationed at Fort Keogh with General Miles. Bensley Creek, near Miles City, is named for my uncle, Harvey Bensley.