From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Gladys Cain
Because he was adopted, Charles George had two names. He was also known as Charles Yates. He came to Montana from Tennessee in the early days and worked for different ranches in Southeastern Montana.
He settled on a homestead at the head of Little Pumpkin Creek where he lived for several years. His sister, Mrs. Laura Bidwell and children; Alta, Esther, George, and Luther came from Tennessee to live with "Uncle George" on the ranch. Here the families lived for several years. They sold the place to Ernest Shy and the family split to take care of themselves. Charles George went to work again for ranches and passed away in Miles City.
Mrs. Bidwell worked as a cook at the road house at Beebe, Montana for several years. She passed away in 1954. Esther, now Mrs. Ben Toennis of Miles City, was taken as a little girl and raised in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Decker. Alta, who is Mrs. Montell, lives in Truth or Consequences, New Mexico. George lives in Oregon. Luther died in 1963.