From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Jay Bryan
Tom Huskinson came here in 1895 and worked for my father on the OU ranch on Otter Creek. His mother and his brother, Emor, came shortly afterward.
That winter Tom, his mother, and Emor and myself lived on the old TV ranch on Otter Creek and went to the country school at the mouth of East Fork of Otter Creek. May Shy, Millard Shy, Vest Shy, and Maggie Shy (afterward Mrs. Chas. Simpson) lived in half of the house we lived in, and Millard did the driving back and forth to the school.
The ranch lays at the mouth of Home Creek and was known as the Tom McAlistor place. It came into his possession from an Englishman by the name of Van Gaskin.
The next year or so, 1906 or possibly 1907, Tom, and his mother took up a squatter's right on the head of Little Pumpkin known as Sal Cain's. They lived there for quite a number of years. He traded his ranch to Wilbur Titus for horses.
Tom then settled on another ranch at the head of Home Creek. Ernest Shy bought the old ranch from Titus. Tom, his mother, and Emor lived on his place for a number of years. Jessie, Tom's sister, joined them in 1900. Emor passed away in 1901 at this place. Tom went into the freighting business and the women folks held the ranch down. It was there that I frequented the place quite often, and in 1905 Jessie and I were married.
Tom's mother married Billie Paine and went to the Paine ranch, on the head of Little Pumpkin just south of the old Capt. Marvel place. Tom's mother passed away at my home in Ashland in 1919.