From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
James P. and Mary (McKnight Sutton, Sr., had five children, all of whom were born in Louisiana. James Parker, Jr., (Jim) was born December 29, 1865 and Robert Goodie (Bob) was born two years later. Then came Tom, Joe (Buck) and one girl. The father passed away when the children were small, and the mother took the family to Texas, where the children grew up. The boys took up the lives of cowboys and made many trips to Montana with trail herds. In the early 1900's, Tom (Bruin), Jim (Deacon), and Bob came to Montana.
Jim (Lengthy or sometimes Deacon) had married in about 1905 before coming to Montana with the ranching idea. His wife, Gertrude Tennyson, was born near Uniontown, Kansas on March 15, 1878. She was the daughter of James and Mary Tennyson.
They purchased the Marvel ranch near Stacey in 1908. Both Tom and Bob filed on homesteads adjoining the Marvel land. The Sutton Brothers built what was one of the finest stock ranches in Montana. They put up new buildings and added more land to the original place. Besides raising Hereford cattle, they were noted for their fine thoroughbred horses.
Tom Went to Denver to spend his last years. Joe (Buck) came to the ranch in Montana in 1927 to live. He died during a visit to Texas. His body was brought back to Miles City for burial.
In the later years, Jim and his wife, Gertie spent several winters in Texas. Jim passed away on June 20, 1937 in Amarillo, Texas.
After Jim died, Bob continued to run the Sutton ranch until his death. Then Jim's wife, Gertrude came
back to the ranch in Montana to live. Lee Warren managed the stock and farm land for her. Gertie married Ernest Shy and lived on the Shy ranch nearby for sometime, before retiring to Miles City in 1941.
The Sutton place was sold in 1941 to Oscar C. Woods.