From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
Ambrose Broadway Marvel came to Montana in 1880. He traveled in the wagon trains, and made several trips to Montana, among other western states. His job was Wagon Boss on the wagon trains. He led his men in several battles against the Indians and since he was a good leader, the men gave him the name of "Captain Marvel". He was always known as "Captain Marvel" to his friends.
He was married to Amelia Hotchkiss in 1888 and settled on Marvel Creek. This was one of the earliest ranches in this country. He used A- brand. Here they lived for 21 years. They had two girls and one boy: Mrs. Herman (Ruth) Zimmer, Mrs. Henry (Ann) Loehr of Miles City, and Ralph Marvel, deceased.
Capt. Marvel passed away in 1907. The following year, Mrs. Marvel sold the ranch to the Sutton Brothers of Texas, and the family moved to Miles City.
The old timers say that Capt. Marvel was a very good man. His doors were always open to welcome visitors, and there was never a lock on the doors.