From 'Echoing Footsteps', published 1967, Powder River County Extension Homemakers Council
By Chloryce Wiltse
Gary and Chloryce Wiltse formerly of the Quietus area, purchased the Choate ranch from Rufe and Alice in May of 1963 and began the task of moving their belongings to the new place on mud roads in what was a lovely wet spring. The cattle were shipped up on "semi's" which fought mud getting the cattle out of the Quietus ranch and into the Stacey ranch. It was well past midnight when all were unloaded and at 3 a.m., the next morning, Gary, a cow and her calf, were wallowing in a large open hole the men had forgotten to rope off. All emerged successfully. The Wiltses have two children: Mark and Lynn.
The Choate's then began preparations for their move to Unalaska Island, one of the Aleutian chain off Alaska which they had leased from the government. National publicity was given their pioneering spirit the following year when they sailed from Seattle on the barge they had purchased to sail to their island. It was equipped to carry livestock, as the sole means of stocking the island was by boat. Rufe claimed it was getting too crowded back here.
In 1923, they moved to the Stacey community, locating on the very head of Green Creek, above the John Gold ranch. There Earle took up a homestead on land Carl Emmons relinquished to him.
Earle worked for the Forest Service during slack times on the homestead. He farmed some but depended on alfalfa seed for most of their living. He also had a small herd of cattle.
Later he bought a sawmill in partnership with Herman Toennis. When Herman moved to Missoula, he sold his interest in the mill to Frank Nuxoll, who later sold out completely to Earle.
One daughter, Gae, is married to Harold Froman of Porterville, California. Their other daughter, Roberta (Bobby), married a neighbor, Wallace Fetter, and they live near Harlowton.
Their son Earle Jr., (Scotty) was drowned while swimming in the Tongue River near Ashland in 1955. After this tragedy they sold out and moved to California. They returned to Billings, where Mrs. Clarke died June 14, 1960. Since then Earle continued to live in Harlowton. This ranch is now part of the Wiltse holdings.